Welcome To Shree Sun Energies

Shree Sun Energies is the System Integrator in Photovoltaic(PV) Solar Energy Solutions.

With Sun’s Grace on our mother Earth, we believe that every individual on earth can have a solar plant in his own capacity. Clean affordable solar electricity is not only an essential part of worldwide energy but it is now the utmost priority. Shree Sun Energies has solar solutions to reduce the risk of Fossil Fuel volatility, while delivering an LCOE that is cost competitive with fossil fuels & other conventional sources of energy.Shree Sun Energies delivers optimum PV energy solutions that enable a world by reliable, clean & affordable solar electricity by lighting up a million lives in coming years.




Shree Sun Energies is a progressive & dynamic technology specific innovative Renewable Energy & Solar Solutions provider, which is managed by Technocrats & provides best value for money for the client.Shree Sun Energies is committed in providing end to end solar solutions & is becoming increasingly popular for solar installations. Motto of the company is commitment towards the environment & humanity, which is why optimized solar solutions are being provided which is best for both.

An orderly way of studying & analyzing the project is more important than simply designing & executing it. That is why we lay more emphasis on proper planning & monitoring of the project, so that our client can boast of quality solar plant at an optimum cost as well as have better cost control over the lifetime of the project.Given that we are relatively young(or beginners or relatively new), we appreciate the fact that we are an qualified & learning company.