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How solar works?

The function of a solar PV system is to supply reliable electricity to the appliances when required or in case of large PV power plants ro supply electricity to the grid.  

Benefits of solar power plant

Solar energy system


Step:1 consultation

We conduct a site visit and suggest the optimum solution, taking into account the direction of the roof, the exposure to the sun and other factors.

Step:2 installation

We take care of the complete installation process, using best-in-class methods and well trained professionals.

Step: 3 maintenance

Whether you’re an shree sun energies  customer or not, we offer you a complete Annual Maintenance Contract to look after your solar system

How solar power works?


When sunlight hits a solar panel. photons(particles of energy) are converted into electrons.

solar cell

As electrons pass through the cell of solar panel, they are converted into direct current(DG) electricity.


The electricty is sent to an inverter which converts it into alternating current(AC) power.

Home appliance

The AC power runs through your home ready to power appliances, charge device and more.

Save money and mother earth , start with solar.